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A content management system

Is a software application that can be used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. CMSs are typically used for enterprise content management and web content management.

Modules / Features


  • Here you can check user logins, activies, Google Analytics(if integrated)
Activity Log
  • Here you can check user logs, user activies
Menu Manager
  • Here you can add, delete or update navigation menu. This feauture enables to add submenu as well as mega menu.
  • Here you can create any number of pages, Edit existing page or delete any pages.
  • This feature enables you to create widgets such as side bar, videos, blogs, news/events, announcements
  • This feature enables you to create category such as blogs, news/events, announcements. It will help while creating any posts
  • This feature enables you create any number of posts such as blogs, news/events.
  • This feature enables you upload any images/videos or any documents.
  • This feature enables you to have a look at the form enquiries/submissions from your application contact form
  • This feature has n number of plugins to use such as News & Events Carousel, Image Carousel, Testimonials, Gallery, Banner, Image Box Links ( It can be built/developed many more plugins upon client requirement )
SEO Settings
  • This feature enables you to add Meta Title, Meta Descriotion & Keywords to all your pages individually
Application Setting
  • This feature contains general settings of site logo, site title.
  • Custom CSS enables you add any css to your web app if needed.
  • Custom Footer enables you add footer as you need.
  • Custom JS enables you add JS to your web app if needed.
Admin Roles/Users
  • This feature enables you to manage admin, add/remove users, give certain permissions.
  • This feature enables you to manage your personal information such as name, email & password

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Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to genetyerate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers.

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Today, Four decades later, Umesh Education Trust through Cambridge Group of Institutions, is in the forefront among providers of quality education in the State of Karnataka. Ideally located on a verdant 16 acres overlooking Krishnarajapuram,....

Cambridge Institution

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Our unique offering is our ability to think and act from 360degree perspective. Having played multiple & extended roles across SDLC enables us to keep business & end user needs in mind. This skill is now the most required skill in the digital revolution....

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HCC Embedded develops deeply embedded software components “out of context” so they can be used as core elements of any system, including those with stringent requirements for safety, quality, and portability. HCC's portfolio of more than 250....

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Are your Websites Custom? Do you use templates?

Yes, everything we build is 100% Custom made with unlimited revisions to the design. We are custom starting from the design all the way to your administration area to manage the website yourself.

What if I need HELP, Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer LIFETIME SUPPORT You will be able to change modify or add anything to your website yourself thru the administration (CMS) that we will build for you. But most important you will have access to our developers for any questions you might need.

What about hosting, Do I have to host my website with you?

No at all unless you want to! Unlike other web design companies at our level we do not need you to host the website with us. We do provide hosting for our customers but it does not means you are obligated to host with us.

Are your websites SEO friendly?

100% Yes! Remember we are your Partners! it's our obligation to you as a customer to make sure your website is visible online. So, for that reason we help you by building the website 100% SEO friendly and we use best practice on web design.