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That you create represents your company and drives sales, growth, and customer loyalty. More than just a logo, your brand identity is a vision that will evoke emotions and build your brand. We listen to your goals and get to work using a clear vision, creative thinking, and technical know-how. If you’ve already got a brand, we take you to next step in displaying your business. Put your brand to work with business cards, letterhead, envelopes, memorable print design and other collateral.

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What defines a brand?

Your brand puts your product or service across to consumers in a clear and memorable way. Some components of your brand will usually include a name, a logo, an overall style and a slogan. Your brand will begin to represent all the attributes and image of your product or service, which will then translate to the positive (and hopefully not negative) feelings that consumers have about you. A brand can help a company stand out in a competitive marketplace, whether they are large or small.

What type of budget will we need to develop a brand?

Deciding on your values and special selling points does not need to cost anything. But communicating your brand message and style will require a budget. You’ll need to develop a mission or brand statement that conveys your message. Think about design needs, such as a logo and any brochures and collateral items. Invest some time at the company level so your staff understands the brand values. It doesn’t need to happen all at once, but plan financially for bringing to life the visual representation of what your brand means.

How long does it take to build a brand?

Building up a memorable brand can take many years, but assuming your company is ready to dive in, it can be an engaging process for your entire team. United Landmark Associates’ branding process begins at a minimum of six weeks, continually evolving with your needs. As your customers accept your brand values, and things continue to move in a positive direction, your product or service will blossom.

Why do we need to create a brand when we already have a customer base?

A strong brand eventually becomes established and embodies your message and benefits for you. Even when you have a good base of customers, your brand is your ambassador, appealing to and reassuring existing customers and enticing potential new customers. So as your brand is ready for growth, this consistent message can grow and evolve in the same way your audience has.