What We offer

Our social impact product is GiGa - stands for Give & Gain – a Giving Marketplace

“A New Age Art of GIVING platform” to encourage, empower & enable GIVING on a common location based unified platform in the form of

  • TIME (as volunteers, skills based for social causes we care about)
  • THINGS (Best reuse of your used resources that you no longer need & can mean a world to someone)
  • Money (only for livelihood projects)
  • Medical (blood, Organs)

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Useful Links of GiGa

Capgemini supported
NGO at KR Puram

Karnataka Blood Bank
Red Cross Society – Aug 2017

at Nirvana Spa

Composting Santhe
(Go Green Initiative)- Aug 2017

Why GiGa ?

There are many people who want to contribute their TIME (as volunteers or THINGS (best reuse of their used stuff) for social welfare but they don’t know – Who is in NEED? | What is the Need? | Where is the Need?

NGO’s also need GIVES in the form of volunteers, Money, Medical Help, Things (clothes, daily provisions, old laptop, mobiles, doormats, furniture, musical instruments., left over construction material, paints etc.)

At the same time, there is a section of society who are not under the umbrella of NGO/CSR, working to earn a living (class iv jobs) & yet their quality of life can be uplifted if they start receiving small help in the form of TIME, THINGS, Money & Medical help from fellow human beings.

The problem is How to make GIVERS aware of the NEEDS? & How to make the NEEDS aware of the GIVES?

Hence, we saw an opportunity to create a unified common platform – a GIVE & GAIN Marketplace to post the available GIVES & NEEDS & Connect the right GIVES with the right NEEDS in real time based on location!

Our passion is to develop values of Compassion, Empathy, Generosity in today’s timeline by
enabling Millions of GIVERS to Connect with Millions of NEEDS at Right Time, Right Location by
Leveraging the power of current digital disruption along with our ideas & experiences. We feel the time is just right!